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Image of storefront.design

Storefront Design

Storefront.design is a curated selection of the best digital storefronts on the internet. It's designed for deep, targeted exploration in ecommerce design.

Tech stack
  • Next.JS
  • Sanity
  • Mux
  • Tailwind
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Full-Stack Development
Ecommerce CurationNovember 2023
The Challenge

We noticed a gap in the inspiration site market. Many lacked specific focus on industry, had repetitive content, unclear filtering options, and didn't properly credit the creators. Additionally, running costs were high, particularly for video content. Storefront.design was our solution to these issues.

The Why

Our aim was to spotlight the teams and individuals pushing the boundaries of ecommerce design, whilst providing an inspiration source to the design community.

Design Philosophy:

Our goal was to create an interface that's modern and minimalist, one that puts the spotlight on the quality of the showcased work. We believe that great design should enhance content, not overshadow it.

Storefront design speed index
Our approach

Development Challenges and Solutions.


The site had to be fast and responsive, regardless of the number of sites featured. To achieve this, we used Next.JS, known for its performance capabilities.//Insert lighthouse metric here.

Cost-Effective Operation:

Balancing quality with cost was crucial. Our choice of tech stack, including Sanity and Mux, played a significant role here

User Submissions

We needed a streamlined process for users to submit their sites. We integrated a system where submissions are sent directly to a Notion database for vetting, simplifying the process.

Non-Technical User Interface

It was important that anyone, regardless of their technical background, could easily add and update submissions. Sanity provided the ideal solution with its user-friendly interface.