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A cane chair

Ordinary Furniture

Ordinary is a conceptual brand that curates collections of contemporary furniture. We built this digital store to showcase the power of headless commerce.

Tech stack
  • Shopify
  • Hydrogen
  • Sanity
  • Tailwind
  • Oxygen
  • Digital store strategy
  • UX design & research
  • UI design
  • Full stack development
Headless commerceJuly 2023
Iphone with image of website on it.
Chair in a studio

Headless commerce is transforming online shopping, and we aimed to push the boundaries with Shopify's new headless commerce stack by creating a storefront that encapsulates the advantages of this approach.

Technical approach

We selected Shopify's headless commerce framework, Hydrogen, for its adaptability and high performance. To enhance the interactive lookbook feature, we coupled it with Sanity, a top-tier CMS. This pairing not only streamlined our development process but also ensured efficiency, allowing us to create a seamless and engaging user experience.

Design approach

With our goal of capturing the emotion of entering a premium furniture store, we paired minimal visual design with subtle but sleek animation. Using large images was key to showcasing products in context, creating a feel that resonated with the allure of high-end furnishings.

Laptop on table with case study.
Product lookbook

A modern take on the traditional lookbook.

Modern digital commerce

Lookbooks have been the go-to marketing resources for lifestyle brands, allowing marketing teams to showcase the latest collections and forge an emotional connection between brand and customer.

Why we built it:

We wanted to take this traditional approach to the next level by introducing interactivity. Being able to directly link to product pages from the lookbook offers a fresh take on showcasing furniture in the context of a room.

How merchants benefit:

Our interactive lookbook also serves a practical purpose for the merchant. Customers can now link directly to the product straight from the lookbook, removing friction in the buying process. This seamless transition from browsing to buying creates a smoother, more engaging path to purchase.

Complete Customization

Merchants can fully control this feature through our custom CMS interface, editing or adding new lookbooks based on recent collections. This flexibility ensures the lookbook stays aligned with the brand's evolving vision.

Laptop with lookbook on screen.